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Google and Golf: For What Are You Searching?

April 13, 2011

Do you know what is awesome?

If you type in “synonyms for” in Google, the first suggestion is “synonyms for good”.  This is followed by “synonyms for love”, “amazing”, and “funny.”  Finally fifth on the list is “synonyms for bad.”  The good news?  The world is searching for primarily positive things.

What sort of things are you searching for in your golf game?  Good swings or bad swings? Good shot results or bad shot results? Good holes or bad holes? What even makes something categorized as good or bad? Are you thinking about and searching for the positive or the negative?

Undoubtably, we must always address areas where we can become more effective if we wish to see progress.  However, would this process be more effective if it were approached with a more positive mindset?  A problem is only a problem until we act upon a solution.   

Perhaps we can follow the lead of worldwide Google searchers.

Searching positively for both (1) the great aspects of  our golf game and (2) the ways to improve our golf game can keep our mindset optimistic, joyful, and confident.  The opposite – searching for negative things – keeps our mindset limited, grumpy, and fearful.  Which mindset would best allow one to express his or her potential?

What are you searching for in your golf game?

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  1. April 15, 2011 12:22 pm

    Besides my drive on the 11th yesterday, I have found what I am looking for in my golf game. You see I have three wonderful kids, 2 of which are golfers. They have put so much into the game and the game has returned to them more. Even my son who is not a golfer understands, appreciates and jokes about our golf games. Golf truly is a game for everyone. I enjoy your blog!

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