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#GolfProMigration Tips 1-10 (via @Sara_PGA on Twitter)

September 14, 2011

This post is for those of you who will at some time be making the trip south for the winter.  I took some notes after carefully studying how birds migrate.  I then, through matrix overlay and analysis procedures, translated those tips into ones applicaple for golf pros.  Below, find #GolfProMigration Tips 1-10.  All tips conform into a 140 character Tweet.  Just in case.

#GolfProMigration Tip 1:  Plan route.  Strategically.  Visit friends, family, colleagues.  Consider telling them you are coming beforehand.

#GolfProMigration Tip 2:  Carefully pack loose alignment sticks.  If in a loaded position that suddenly unloads: fiberglass splinters #ugh

#GolfProMigration Tip 3:  An E-Z Pass does not work in the Midwest.  Neither does an I-Pass work in Florida. Maybe someday.  #tolltickets

#GolfProMigration Tip 4:  An impact bag filled takes up a lot of space.  An impact bag emptied of towels does not.  #trunkspacesaver

#GolfProMigration Tip 5: Do not overpack. Of course, if you don’t bring that 2nd umbrella, the 1st one will break.  Peak-season.  Downpour.  #catch22

#GolfProMigration Tip 6: Be aware of loose golf balls in trunk or side door pockets.  No, there are no gun shots.  Just sharp turning. #boom

#GolfProMigration Tip 7: Hard to believe when driving from the northern tundra but the sun in FL is 7 billion times as strong #lotsasunscreen

#GolfProMigration Tip 8: I recommend naming your GPS system.  It’s nice to personally thank it after each successful turn.  #WhyThankYouFlo

#GolfProMigration Tip 9: Avoid shorts on first day of the move south. Screams snowbird. Golf pros make birdies. Not snowbird-ies. #jeanstime

#GolfProMigration Tip 10: By all means sing & air band it. Passerbys may smile. Or point and laugh. #carband #serenitynow

If you find these #GolfProMigration tips helpful, consider sharing them using the social media icons below.

Have a great day.  And if you’re migrating this season, a great trip too.

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  1. September 14, 2011 8:40 pm

    I love #10!

  2. Mama permalink
    September 15, 2011 10:39 am

    In high wind situation avoid placing just purchased coffee cup on hood while opening car door! SPLAT!

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