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Personal Teaching Philosophy & Approach Statement:

I believe in teaching people, not swings.  The goal of teaching golf is to promote enjoyable golf by understanding each student’s individual needs and wants.  A teacher’s primary goal is to teach the many attributes of the game in line with each student’s desires.

In terms of the swing, my goal is for each student to (1) understand how ball flight is a direct product of the golf swing and (2) to have an effective swing, in line with proper fundamentals, which makes sense for him or her.  With this philosophy, students do not become overly dependent on a teacher and can improve through their solid understanding of their own game.  Thus, leading to enjoyable golf.

My approach towards teaching follows the open, student-driven stance that I have in my philosophy.  While teaching effective technique, I would like for my students to tell me what they would like out of their lesson.  Therefore, each lesson will have a predetermined topic so that both the student and I know what our goals are for the lesson.  Therein lies the challenge; the student will have personal goals and know what he or she wants and I must be able to teach him or her effectively.

This approach allows the student to take ownership of their golf game, and it allows me as the teacher to understand their goals, and therefore, fully enhance their success and enjoyment of the game of golf.

First-Hand Teaching Influences:
Nick Clearwater. Chicago, IL
Pinehurst Golf Academy. Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst NC
Rick Smith Golf Academy. Tiburon Resort, Naples FL
PGA Golf Management Seminars. (Chuck Cook, Eric Alpenfels, Nancy Quarcelino)
Tim O’Neal, PGA Master Professional, GSEM. North Shore Country Club, Glenview, IL
Keith Stewart, PGA Head Profesisonal. Springdale Golf Club, Princeton, NJ.
Michael Harbour. Providence, RI
Phil Fecteau & Keith Allcock,Firefly Golf Course, Seekonk, MA.

Some Favorite Teaching Books (to name a few):
Practical Golf   John Jacobs
The Golfing Machine  Homer Kelley
Perfectly Balanced Golf   Chuck Cook
PGA Teaching Manual   PGA of America
Golf By Design Robert Trent Jones
Zen Golf   Dr. Joseph Parent
Winning is a Choice   Paul D. Meier

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